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Wrox Professional Enterprise .NET

This is the source code (C#) for the book Wrox Professional Enterprise .NET
You can download the first chapter of this book for free from Wrox. There is also a forum for this book on the Wrox site.

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Why does the GetList() method create new instances for the _dUtil, _dList and _formatter member variables when these were set by the constructor?...

Hi Jon, Scott

Great book and has really got me thinking differently about application design. One area I'm struggling to really see the benefit over...

Saturday, February 19, 2011  |  From Forums - BOOK: Professional Enterprise .NET

The ListPresenter type used as an example on page 23 doesn't make sense to me.
The confusion starts with c'tor arguments which are assigned but...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010  |  From Forums - BOOK: Professional Enterprise .NET

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Wrox Professional Enterprise .NET Project Details

The sample application that accompanies the book is the The mortgage loan prequalification system. A loan prequalification is a procedure people go through when they want to borrow money to buy a house. The purpose of prequalification is for the potential borrower to establish if a bank is willing to lend them the required funds to purchase a house.

In the figure below you can see the architecture of the loan prequalification solution.


Methodologies & Technologies used:

Please let me know if you have any comments on the code or would like me to add any new features via the discussions tab.

Wrox Professional Enterprise .NET - The Book

Project Description
Source code to accompany the Wrox book Professional Enterprise .NET.

From the Back Cover Of The Book
Make your enterprise systems code more flexible, testable, and extensible

Many businesses have begun investing in enterprise design with the hope that upfront costs will result in more efficient, maintainable code that will save them money down the line. However, building well-designed applications, incorporating them into existing systems, and responding to the demand for rapid delivery can be overwhelming to even the most experienced developer. This book is the definitive guide to the latest enterprise development patterns and methodologies that will make your code cleaner and more maintainable.
  • Examines the philosophy behind enterprise development, coding patterns, and common design patterns used in enterprise systems today
  • Walks you through the different ways to assemble your code in a loosely coupled, testable manner
  • Explores the pros and cons of the supporting tools (such as Inversion of Control containers, nHibernate, and ASP.NET MVC) that can ultimately lead to better system design
  • Shows you how to write and automate unit tests using tools such as nUnit and Rhino Mocks
  • Addresses the responsibilities of the data access layer and methodologies of persistence management

Table Of Contents

For a more detailed list of the contents of the book download the PDF from the Wrox site.
  • Introduction.
Part I: Introduction to Practical Enterprise Development. Part II: The New Code -- Changing the Way You Build.
  • Chapter 3: Emancipate Your Classes.
  • Chapter 4: Test Driven Development.
  • Chapter 5: Make It Simple Again -- Inversion of Control.
Part III: Enterprise Design Patterns.
  • Chapter 6: Getting to the Middle of Things.
  • Chapter 7: Writing Your Own Middleware.
  • Chapter 8: "Mining" Your Own Business.
  • Chapter 9: Organizing Your Front End.
  • Chapter 10: Model-View-Presenter.
  • Chapter 11: The Model-View-Controller Pattern.
  • Chapter 12: Putting It All Together.
  • Appendix A: C#.NET Primer

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Wrox Professional Enterprise .NET

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